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Whewwwwww man, Tea Party movement….

16 Nov

Story time! The other night, I was out with Heather for a drink (we had a flaming volcano.. so cool) and had the pleasure of meeting this really nice woman. We got into this discussion about politics. She seemed pretty liberal, and I always thought Heather was, too (I really don’t know though, it was actually just an assumption).. but then they started praising the tea party movement, which totally caught me off guard. I mean, I was under the impression that the Tea Party was essentially a large group of conservative “rebels” dissatisfied with the way our government is working, lately. The reason “rebels” is in quotes is because all of their views reflect conservative values.. it’s nothing more than a bunch of angry Republicans! Heather and this woman (alas, her name has evaded my memory) preceded to try and convince me otherwise.. but I didn’t really know how to respond, probably in part because of that damn flaming volcano (mahah), but really, I wish I was more educated about politics and economics and whatnot, so I could have better known what to question. Good thing I have wikipedia!!

A couple of quotes that struck me when researching the Tea Party.

“The movement’s primary concerns include, but are not limited to, cutting back the size of government, lowering taxes, reducing wasteful spending, reducing the national debt and federal budget deficit, and adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.”

“New York Times journalist Kate Zernike reported that leaders within the Tea Party credit Seattle blogger and conservative activist Keli Carender with organizing the first Tea Party in February 2009, although the term “Tea Party” was not used.”

A quote from Carender regarding the first Tea Party gathering held in Seattle, WA. “[The turnout was] amazing for the bluest of blue cities I live in, and on only four days notice! This was due to me spending the entire four days calling and emailing every person, think tank, policy center, university professors (that were sympathetic), etc. in town, and not stopping until the day came.”

In order to gain publicity, she “contacted conservative author and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, and asked her to publicize the rally on her blog.”

“Critics say that the Tea Party is nothing but the Republican Party in disguise, since nearly all of the candidates endorsed by the Tea Party run on a Republican Party ticket.” (Wait a sec… didn’t I just say something like that?)

Here are some demographics…

The Bloomberg News poll showed that 40% are 55 or older, 79% are white, 61% are men and 44% identify as “born-again” Christians.

According to a poll conducted by the University of Washington consisting of 1,023 registered voters in the state of Washington, 73% of Tea Party supporters disapprove of Obama’s policy of engaging with Muslim countries, 88% approve of the controversial immigration law recently enacted in Arizona, 82% do not believe that gay and lesbian couples should have the legal right to marry, and that about 52% believed that “lesbians and gays have too much political power.”

Of white poll respondents who strongly approve of the Tea Party, only 35% believe that blacks are hard-working, compared to 55% of those strongly opposed to the Tea Party, and 40% of all respondents. However, analysis done by ABC News’ Polling Unit found that views on race “are not significant predictors of support for the Tea Party movement” because they are typical of whites who are very conservative.

I think that’s enough information to give you in support of my final analysis of the Tea Party movement. In all honesty, I would consider myself moderately conservative on fiscal policy and strongly liberal on social issues. So, my opinion is coming from a pretty balanced place. You can say that I’m biased cause I’m a lesbian, and maybe that is so. In my defense, I’m probably the biggest Libra you will ever meet, I’m very fair when making decisions, and try to incorporate every piece of information as accurately as possible. This movement frustrates me SO much. The vast majority of it’s supporters come across as racist and intolerant towards minorities. The behavior of participants in their rallies and protests is unethical, using vulgar racial slurs and calling queers “faggots.” Any coverage I’ve seen of this movement reflects a quite bigoted and pompous attitude. No me gusta!

In order to have any power in our government, you have to be an extremist. There is absolutely zero political clout for those of us who fall more in the middle ground. Why do you have to sacrifice social issues to support the opposing parties fiscal policy? Or, why is there not an feasible option that provides a moderate standpoint on both? That’s what I feel like the Tea Party claims it is, but really, for the most part, it’s overwhelmingly narrow-minded and reflects conservative values on EVERYTHING. They’re just mad that they don’t get their way. BLEH.

Like I originally said, I wish I was more educated about ALL of the issues surrounding this movement… my opinion is just based on what I’ve been exposed to. I don’t judge anyone who disagrees with me, and I’d appreciate it if you did the same :) In short, DON’T LET THIS PISS YOU OFF. That is all.


Fun in the Sun!

9 Nov

Meet one of the only liberals in Texas – my private voice coach from high school, Melissa Baland Lee! We had lunch at Whole Foods yesterday and it reminded me of how important her presence was in my life. This woman taught me SO MUCH during the 4 years we worked together. She had about … hm, maybe 60 students in our entire choir (maybe more, I’m honestly not sure) and knew each and every one of us inside and out. Every student talked to her about all of our drama, and she was basically known for giving the best advice, as well as for being the best listener. When I came out, had my first love/heartbreak, parents divorce, literally ANYTHING, she gave me support and insight. Her lessons were not just for learning how to sing, but learning about who I was. Looking back, I realize how much of my confidence is due to her influence. Ultimately, she made me realize that I was beautiful, strong, and no matter what happened, I could get through it. That, and she also let me cry on her shoulder on multiple occasions lol. I love this woman. And her cute, little daughter, Bailey, too :D

I applied to several other schools – University of Colorado at Denver, CSUMB (California), Kansas University, and University of New Mexico. Honestly, though, I think I might be pushing it on deadlines. I won’t be surprised if I don’t get in anywhere for the Spring :/ Buuuummer! On the other hand, I’m having a blast being back in Texas! It’s really not such a bad place, after all :P It’s warm, sunny, and…. look at all this open land! I went from being in NY to THIS! Awesome! People here don’t wear rompers, though… especially not with tights and heels, so I got a few awkward looks hahah. Oh well. I like it and that’s what matters :P
PS – I’ve lost my voice :( Sad day. AND I’m sick. Do you think it’s possible to get sick from moving from all that pollution to this clean air? Maybe my body is cleansing? Thoughts? SOMEONE BRING ME SOME DAMN SOUP. Hmph.

There’s No Place Like Home!

5 Nov

First day home – finally made a new video… even if it was a song I’ve previously covered :P

I got to see my Nana and Grandpa annnd neither of them were too pleased with my lip ring… it was pretty funny lol. My dad had my back though :) Hung out with my little sister, Anna. She’s 13 years old… Sometimes I forget how dramatic middle school is! All it took to remind me was listening to her rant for a while about her friends and boys.. SO CUTE! <3 that kid!

I'm gonna go get a job today. Even though I'm only planning on staying for 2 months, I should be employed. I mean, who knows what I'm going to decide come the end of December?! I already have a job waiting for me at Chili's and Pei Wei, but I thiiink I'd rather work at the only indie coffee shop in the city, which happens to be only a mile and a half from my house. Wish me luck!


2 Oct

So sorry it’s been forever since I’ve last blogged… we just got internet in our apartment!!! Yayyy!!! It was an exciting day, when that man walked in with a modem… made my heart smile :P No, seriously it took way too long, don’t blame me, blame Verizon. POO on you Verizon!

Tyler has moved in, since my last post. Having him here has made everything so much more enjoyable! Even though it’d been years since we’d last spent over a day together, it was like we hadn’t missed any time at all. What a relief! Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of job hunting and meeting new people. For exxxxxxample…. I met Mikey from The REAL L Word!!!!! BEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! Also, that was our first time to go to a gay club together and we had a blast. Our other friends, Troy, Jenn, Liana, Ashlee and a couple other people whose names I have forgotten came too. It was the best night out since I’ve been here!

Oh… I got a kitten :) Her name is Kanoa and she is just adorableeeee


We made brunch and went to the beach today with Ashlee and two of her friends. Brooklyn is starting to feel much more like home, now that a group of friends is coming together and I have a friend who, really, is more like family living with me.

Lovin’ life :D Buuut…. well, can someone find me a girl? Thaaaaanks lol

One life ties to another

16 Aug

As you know, today marked my first day of training! It went really well, everyone is super nice, the menu was easy to memorize and I learned everything… the rest of the week should just be practice. One of the girls I met today, Vanessa – the actress, and I were talking about gambling and she mentioned OK… I was like whhhat are you from there?! Thinking it’d be cool to work with a fellow southerner, and she said she’s actually from TX…. I was like omg me too! Dallas! And she goes, Plano! And then I said… Allen…? and she said, yep, Allen. I went to AHS. WTF I WENT TO AHS TOO! Craaaaazy! She graduated 4 years before me but STILL! Soooo random. James is the dude who trained me, he’s super cool and working with me tomorrow. I’ll be sure to get pics, this time :D

After work I had like a million messages from Nevo, my leasing agent guy, saying I need to go sign a lease and pay 1st months rent. Uhhh? Really, I get two hours notice? Cool. Luckily, I had 700 dollars on me, very unusual, I know. It’s not a regular occurrence, so don’t even think about jumping me. I could withdraw the my max ATM thing, which is 600 dollars, but I was still 800 short. Crapppp. I ran over to Brooklyn as fast as my yellow converses would carry me and gave the guy what I had, explained to him the situation, and signed that lease! I can’t believe I was lucky enough to have 700 on me… I would have been screwed if I hadn’t had it and probably would have lost the apt. Just goes to show how important communication and timely notice is!

My phone died AGAIN by 5 today… so the rest of the night, I was walking around feeling completely disconnected from the entire universe lol. The acupuncture appointment I had was supposed to be right when I was done with work.. surely, I thought, they would be closed by 7, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. WOO they were open! I went in and just talked to the lady in Chinese, which was really funny cause she looked like her brain had some sort of a lapse in consciousness when she saw a redhead white kid talking about chinese medicine and asking for the doctor and whatnot haha. I definitely was so tired by this point (haha, point, needles :P), that I fell asleep with all the needles in me on the table! I was even dreaming! I don’t remember about what, but yea. It happened. It’s working so far, my allergies have improved so much that I think I’m just going to ditch all my pills. FINALLY. I hate being on meds. Blugh! Try acupuncture! It worked for me!

Prop 8 update – freaking appeals from the side supporting prop 8 have put the official reinstatement of gay marriage in California off until next December, at least, when a 3 member judge panel will hear the appeal held during the week of December 6th. An unfortunate turn of events, but it is highly unlikely that this appeal will have any effect on the ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. In fact, once this appeal is done with, it will be a much more secure success on the absolute elimination of proposition 8.

It does, however, reflect the fact that there is still a vast portion of America that is refusing to move forward and be accepting and loving of differences in the world. If there is one change I would like to see happen in my lifetime – it’s that humans would learn to celebrate cultural, personal, and religious differences, instead of fear them. It brings color to the world… and for some reason, lots of people apparently don’t understand that.

Riverside Church

25 Jul

The architecture here is beautiful. Yesterday, we decided to go into this huge church thats right next to our apartment. It’s over 80 years old and MLK preached there 5 times.

Oh, and we did laundry and grocery shopped. Productive day!