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Remember that one time…?

10 Nov

Kristin made an awesome video of our summer in NY together. I must say, fantastic video editing skills, don’t you think?! Too bad she lost her iphone. Most of our footage was on it, but luckily we had an itsy bitsy bit recorded on the flip. Enjoy!!

Since I still don’t have my voice back, I took a day of silence and made an incredible vegan pumpkin bread… which I overcooked for about 20 minutes. I ALWAYS DO THAT! Grrrr… I peeled off the hard exterior, though and the inside was warm and mushy :) On my way walking to Kroger for ingredients, I ran into some super cute calfs! At first they all ran away from me, but then I sat my butt down on the ground and started playing with grass/listening to music, and 4 of them meandered over. SOO cute :D

Then, of course, I watched GLEE! <3 @Tyler Jordan Bennett – If you ever read this, which I doubt you will, how on earth could that episode have disappointed you?! I thought it was so good! You, my friend, are loony.



2 Oct

So sorry it’s been forever since I’ve last blogged… we just got internet in our apartment!!! Yayyy!!! It was an exciting day, when that man walked in with a modem… made my heart smile :P No, seriously it took way too long, don’t blame me, blame Verizon. POO on you Verizon!

Tyler has moved in, since my last post. Having him here has made everything so much more enjoyable! Even though it’d been years since we’d last spent over a day together, it was like we hadn’t missed any time at all. What a relief! Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of job hunting and meeting new people. For exxxxxxample…. I met Mikey from The REAL L Word!!!!! BEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! Also, that was our first time to go to a gay club together and we had a blast. Our other friends, Troy, Jenn, Liana, Ashlee and a couple other people whose names I have forgotten came too. It was the best night out since I’ve been here!

Oh… I got a kitten :) Her name is Kanoa and she is just adorableeeee


We made brunch and went to the beach today with Ashlee and two of her friends. Brooklyn is starting to feel much more like home, now that a group of friends is coming together and I have a friend who, really, is more like family living with me.

Lovin’ life :D Buuut…. well, can someone find me a girl? Thaaaaanks lol

Back for a visit..

29 Aug

Hey guys! Long time, no see, huh?! This week has been utter chaos. With moving in, starting the new job, and trying to apply to colleges/starting online classes, I actually got sick for the first time in YEARS and had to miss a day of work. Bleh, I hate being sick. My poor tonsils haha. Anyways, so, working for greenpeace is really fun, but super difficult. Every day, I’m out on the street trying to get people to stop and talk to me – an impossible task, in itself. After I FINALLY get someone to stop, I move on to basically telling them what’s going on in the environment and convincing them that it’s important. It takes a lot to inspire someone who seriously is not passionate about the environment, nor are they even aware about the urgency of solving the issues that are tied to it. So, after I get that in their head, I then must convince them to give me their credit card and sign them up to donate monthly to Greenpeace so that we can continue to do awesome things and save the world. OMG. People are so mean. Luckily, I’m pretty good at talking to people, so the job has been a success so far. It just gets discouraging sometimes when people are rude or don’t give a shit about the environment. Whateve. I got flowers yesterday from a new friend, that made me smile :D I went to the farmers market in Union Square after dropping 200 bucks at Bed, Bath and Beyond and made a great salad for dinner and created the best desert ever. Whole grain flax sourdough toasted and topped with goat cheese, apple butter, and a drizzle of honey. Yum?! Yeah!!!

Moving in has progressed very slowly. I don’t have a ton of time, so anything I do has to be accomplished on the weekends… but I want to play! Anyway, this is what I’ve done so far.All of the furniture + delivery cost me 450 at a local flea market, and the bed + frame + box spring + delivery was 230. I think I’m a pretty good bargain shopper, no? :P See the shelf that’s on top of the dresser? I’m going to coat it with a waterproof clear paint, set it on the fire escape, and start a garden.. that’s my future project.

Randomness: wearing sandals in the city all day makes your feet disgusting…. so I got new shoes.

I can’t wait till I have internet again in my apt. It will make things so much easier!! I’m taking Intro to Philosophy and General Psychology right now online… it’s pretty cool, but I don’t like having to go to a cafe every time I need to do work. I’d like the option to stay at home, if I want, even though the cafe is better. Oh well!

officially moving out today!

20 Aug

http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/ <— Dude… I could NOT stop smiling. Soooo funny! Thanks, Joshua Gess, for showing me!! Meet my BFF, Ariana Kaplan, my submission to the lez look-alikes :P

What a good day! Started off the morning by going to the store for blueberries, bananas, oatmeal and coffee to make breakfast for Karin and me. Soooo good, btw.
Caught up on some news, then embarked on the packing and moving out mission. The air mattress was, by far, the most difficult part. I swear, I broke a sweat trying to deflate that thing!!! Not only was my suitcase piled on there, but I was sitting on it too. Eventually, I got so annoyed that I ended up being on all fours on top of that thing bouncing up and down, trying to get the air out hahahah. That is, till I heard Karin coming and stopped for fear of embarrassment… but whatever, I’m talking about it anyway, so I should have kept it up :P

I won’t have internet in the new apartment until Aug 30…. so, unfortunately, my posts will be somewhat sporadic – basically, whenever I can find an internet cafe.

John is on his way to pick me up, headed to Target to get us air mattresses and cleaning supplies, then over to the apt. Woo! I wish Tyler was hereeeee :/

One life ties to another

16 Aug

As you know, today marked my first day of training! It went really well, everyone is super nice, the menu was easy to memorize and I learned everything… the rest of the week should just be practice. One of the girls I met today, Vanessa – the actress, and I were talking about gambling and she mentioned OK… I was like whhhat are you from there?! Thinking it’d be cool to work with a fellow southerner, and she said she’s actually from TX…. I was like omg me too! Dallas! And she goes, Plano! And then I said… Allen…? and she said, yep, Allen. I went to AHS. WTF I WENT TO AHS TOO! Craaaaazy! She graduated 4 years before me but STILL! Soooo random. James is the dude who trained me, he’s super cool and working with me tomorrow. I’ll be sure to get pics, this time :D

After work I had like a million messages from Nevo, my leasing agent guy, saying I need to go sign a lease and pay 1st months rent. Uhhh? Really, I get two hours notice? Cool. Luckily, I had 700 dollars on me, very unusual, I know. It’s not a regular occurrence, so don’t even think about jumping me. I could withdraw the my max ATM thing, which is 600 dollars, but I was still 800 short. Crapppp. I ran over to Brooklyn as fast as my yellow converses would carry me and gave the guy what I had, explained to him the situation, and signed that lease! I can’t believe I was lucky enough to have 700 on me… I would have been screwed if I hadn’t had it and probably would have lost the apt. Just goes to show how important communication and timely notice is!

My phone died AGAIN by 5 today… so the rest of the night, I was walking around feeling completely disconnected from the entire universe lol. The acupuncture appointment I had was supposed to be right when I was done with work.. surely, I thought, they would be closed by 7, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. WOO they were open! I went in and just talked to the lady in Chinese, which was really funny cause she looked like her brain had some sort of a lapse in consciousness when she saw a redhead white kid talking about chinese medicine and asking for the doctor and whatnot haha. I definitely was so tired by this point (haha, point, needles :P), that I fell asleep with all the needles in me on the table! I was even dreaming! I don’t remember about what, but yea. It happened. It’s working so far, my allergies have improved so much that I think I’m just going to ditch all my pills. FINALLY. I hate being on meds. Blugh! Try acupuncture! It worked for me!

Prop 8 update – freaking appeals from the side supporting prop 8 have put the official reinstatement of gay marriage in California off until next December, at least, when a 3 member judge panel will hear the appeal held during the week of December 6th. An unfortunate turn of events, but it is highly unlikely that this appeal will have any effect on the ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. In fact, once this appeal is done with, it will be a much more secure success on the absolute elimination of proposition 8.

It does, however, reflect the fact that there is still a vast portion of America that is refusing to move forward and be accepting and loving of differences in the world. If there is one change I would like to see happen in my lifetime – it’s that humans would learn to celebrate cultural, personal, and religious differences, instead of fear them. It brings color to the world… and for some reason, lots of people apparently don’t understand that.

Cut the hairs!

14 Aug

The last two years, I did not have a single haircut that I liked. Only cut it once in Hawaii and a couple times in Cali.. Every time I felt sick after and was close to tears lol. Hair is important! It seriously either makes you or breaks you.. Jenn at Fringe Salon is the best hairstylist I’ve had since I had to leave Angelica at Toni&Guy in Texas. Sure, it was a 100 dollar haircut, including my hefty tip, but she deserved it. I’ve found my hairstylist here!!! YAY! I got lucky!

P.S. I just got Photoshop CS5 on my Mac… It’s a process to get good at it and I just started learning with these two pictures, so be patient! Greatness will come with time :P

Important life lesson…

11 Aug

Even when it’s hard, be honest and upfront. If you don’t, it just makes things awkward. One of the people who was supposed to room with me from TX backed out without telling me.. Just kinda stopped texting, didn’t fill out the application like they promised, and stood my mother up. Preeeetty lame… and we still haven’t talked, but whatever. It’s all good cause I found a lot of people willing to take the third spot, it’s just unfortunate it had to happen this way. It caused a lot of unnecessary stress for me trying to be extra accommodating and set everything up for her and then, I dunno, I feel kinda let down. I’m not mad at her, I just wish she would own up to it and we could just keep being friends. Maybe she could even come up for a visit soon! Ohhh wells, some people :/

On the bright side, finding a job here is soooo not a difficult task! I just started 3 days ago, I think, and I’ve already been hired twice! I haven’t accepted anything, though cause there’s a specific restaurant I want to be a server at called Blockheads… which (lucky meee!) called while I was interviewing at Argo and asked me to come in tomorrow at 2!!! I am SO excited!! Hopefully, that won’t make me nervous, cause this is basically the perfect place for me to work! (Did you notice every sentence in this entire paragraph was punctuated with an exclamation point?! Haha, sooo not obvious how happy I am, huh?!)

Newness! In addition to posting stuff about my new life here, I’m also going to be putting any new covers and music (if i ever freaking can write any) on here too. Soooo yeah watch it if you want, and if you don’t want, then don’t watch! I still haven’t mastered this song, but my bestie, Kristin, as you all know, is not having a good day. It’s one of her favorites, so in effort to make her smile, I’ve recorded it just for her :)

Annnnd p.s. if you’ve never had this drink, you should try it. Most Whole Foods sell it and it’s been my drink of choice for the last… mmmm 6 months, I’d say. Best breakfast everrr :)