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Remember that one time…?

10 Nov

Kristin made an awesome video of our summer in NY together. I must say, fantastic video editing skills, don’t you think?! Too bad she lost her iphone. Most of our footage was on it, but luckily we had an itsy bitsy bit recorded on the flip. Enjoy!!

Since I still don’t have my voice back, I took a day of silence and made an incredible vegan pumpkin bread… which I overcooked for about 20 minutes. I ALWAYS DO THAT! Grrrr… I peeled off the hard exterior, though and the inside was warm and mushy :) On my way walking to Kroger for ingredients, I ran into some super cute calfs! At first they all ran away from me, but then I sat my butt down on the ground and started playing with grass/listening to music, and 4 of them meandered over. SOO cute :D

Then, of course, I watched GLEE! <3 @Tyler Jordan Bennett – If you ever read this, which I doubt you will, how on earth could that episode have disappointed you?! I thought it was so good! You, my friend, are loony.


Fun in the Sun!

9 Nov

Meet one of the only liberals in Texas – my private voice coach from high school, Melissa Baland Lee! We had lunch at Whole Foods yesterday and it reminded me of how important her presence was in my life. This woman taught me SO MUCH during the 4 years we worked together. She had about … hm, maybe 60 students in our entire choir (maybe more, I’m honestly not sure) and knew each and every one of us inside and out. Every student talked to her about all of our drama, and she was basically known for giving the best advice, as well as for being the best listener. When I came out, had my first love/heartbreak, parents divorce, literally ANYTHING, she gave me support and insight. Her lessons were not just for learning how to sing, but learning about who I was. Looking back, I realize how much of my confidence is due to her influence. Ultimately, she made me realize that I was beautiful, strong, and no matter what happened, I could get through it. That, and she also let me cry on her shoulder on multiple occasions lol. I love this woman. And her cute, little daughter, Bailey, too :D

I applied to several other schools – University of Colorado at Denver, CSUMB (California), Kansas University, and University of New Mexico. Honestly, though, I think I might be pushing it on deadlines. I won’t be surprised if I don’t get in anywhere for the Spring :/ Buuuummer! On the other hand, I’m having a blast being back in Texas! It’s really not such a bad place, after all :P It’s warm, sunny, and…. look at all this open land! I went from being in NY to THIS! Awesome! People here don’t wear rompers, though… especially not with tights and heels, so I got a few awkward looks hahah. Oh well. I like it and that’s what matters :P
PS – I’ve lost my voice :( Sad day. AND I’m sick. Do you think it’s possible to get sick from moving from all that pollution to this clean air? Maybe my body is cleansing? Thoughts? SOMEONE BRING ME SOME DAMN SOUP. Hmph.

Important life lesson…

11 Aug

Even when it’s hard, be honest and upfront. If you don’t, it just makes things awkward. One of the people who was supposed to room with me from TX backed out without telling me.. Just kinda stopped texting, didn’t fill out the application like they promised, and stood my mother up. Preeeetty lame… and we still haven’t talked, but whatever. It’s all good cause I found a lot of people willing to take the third spot, it’s just unfortunate it had to happen this way. It caused a lot of unnecessary stress for me trying to be extra accommodating and set everything up for her and then, I dunno, I feel kinda let down. I’m not mad at her, I just wish she would own up to it and we could just keep being friends. Maybe she could even come up for a visit soon! Ohhh wells, some people :/

On the bright side, finding a job here is soooo not a difficult task! I just started 3 days ago, I think, and I’ve already been hired twice! I haven’t accepted anything, though cause there’s a specific restaurant I want to be a server at called Blockheads… which (lucky meee!) called while I was interviewing at Argo and asked me to come in tomorrow at 2!!! I am SO excited!! Hopefully, that won’t make me nervous, cause this is basically the perfect place for me to work! (Did you notice every sentence in this entire paragraph was punctuated with an exclamation point?! Haha, sooo not obvious how happy I am, huh?!)

Newness! In addition to posting stuff about my new life here, I’m also going to be putting any new covers and music (if i ever freaking can write any) on here too. Soooo yeah watch it if you want, and if you don’t want, then don’t watch! I still haven’t mastered this song, but my bestie, Kristin, as you all know, is not having a good day. It’s one of her favorites, so in effort to make her smile, I’ve recorded it just for her :)

Annnnd p.s. if you’ve never had this drink, you should try it. Most Whole Foods sell it and it’s been my drink of choice for the last… mmmm 6 months, I’d say. Best breakfast everrr :)