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Lawrence, thus far

6 Jan

I can not accurately portray in words how much I have fallen in love with the atmosphere that surrounds this town! Maybe it’s just that I’m a newbie, but this is by far the most awesome place I have ever lived.. granted, I am landlocked… (no ocean :/). Regardless, I have had a blast in these first 4 days. Rachel, my amazing little sister, just left yesterday. She’s on class break from U of A and took time out of her vacation to help me move in.. isn’t that nice?! We got so much accomplished. My room is (almost) completely organized, with the exception of a much needed bookshelf for my library, and the kitchen is completely stocked with everything from an espresso machine to a KitchenAid mixer! It’s red, and I love it :) I couldn’t have done all of it without her.

On Tuesday, I made my first new friend! Rachel, her and I all made tuna-avacado sushi and drank sake.. it was SO good! Merisa is her name and she is an amazing photographer. She’s also a student at KU, but, alas, she is graduating this May and plans to move far far away to LA or something. Anyways! For now, I get to enjoy her company!

Back to Rachel – I dropped her off at the airport yesterday SO SAD! Before her departure, we strolled around the Plaza in Kansas City, which I came to find (silly me!) is actually in Missouri?! WHAT?! Who did that?! Hahahah. I felt so dumb, my geography is terrible :P They have great shopping there and Gap was having a killer of a sale. I got 2 very warm coats, 2 cardigans and 2 long sleeved shirts for … guess…. $115!!!! Seriously! It was awesome! Then, Rachel left :( But it’s okay! Because not only does she live a short 4 hours away, but my step-sister arrives sometime this weekend! She’s a TA at KU and is working on her graduate degree. It’d be funny if I got in her class lol. I won’t, Danielle, don’t worry! That’d be weird..

So, last night was officially my first night on the town. I met up with Merisa and a couple of her friends to do $1 bowling, which I haven’t done in about 6 years. I’ve always been terrible at it, but I WON one game! Crazyyyy! It was really fun.. I like her friends. After bowling, we went to pride night at some club/bar place and danced the night away!

This morning, though, I woke up feeling quite lonely. I don’t wanna keep bugging my only friend to hang out with me, so I’m determined to make at least 2 new friends tonight. I wish I knew more people before I got here! Anyway, I spent the day playing guitar, strolling around the campus (1 block from my house), setting up my financial aid and GI Bill stuff, and knitting. Oh, and I started a batch of Kombucha tea!!! I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.. this will save me SO much money. GT’s Kombucha is about $3.50 a pop! I drink one every day, so that’s.. what.. $24.50 a week? I did that math really fast, don’t judge, but correct me if I’m wrong. I hope it works! It has to grow a bacteria culture, which should happen over the next week or two. I also cooked butternut squash and brussels sprouts for dinner tonight for the first time ever. I’d say it was a success!

Well, I’m off to fulfill my goal of the day. 2 new friends tonight. The Bottleneck is having live music tonight, so I’m going and.. I dunno haha. I suppose I’ll just approach people and say hi? Does anyone know how to make friends?! Sheesh! Wish me luck!!


Back for a visit..

29 Aug

Hey guys! Long time, no see, huh?! This week has been utter chaos. With moving in, starting the new job, and trying to apply to colleges/starting online classes, I actually got sick for the first time in YEARS and had to miss a day of work. Bleh, I hate being sick. My poor tonsils haha. Anyways, so, working for greenpeace is really fun, but super difficult. Every day, I’m out on the street trying to get people to stop and talk to me – an impossible task, in itself. After I FINALLY get someone to stop, I move on to basically telling them what’s going on in the environment and convincing them that it’s important. It takes a lot to inspire someone who seriously is not passionate about the environment, nor are they even aware about the urgency of solving the issues that are tied to it. So, after I get that in their head, I then must convince them to give me their credit card and sign them up to donate monthly to Greenpeace so that we can continue to do awesome things and save the world. OMG. People are so mean. Luckily, I’m pretty good at talking to people, so the job has been a success so far. It just gets discouraging sometimes when people are rude or don’t give a shit about the environment. Whateve. I got flowers yesterday from a new friend, that made me smile :D I went to the farmers market in Union Square after dropping 200 bucks at Bed, Bath and Beyond and made a great salad for dinner and created the best desert ever. Whole grain flax sourdough toasted and topped with goat cheese, apple butter, and a drizzle of honey. Yum?! Yeah!!!

Moving in has progressed very slowly. I don’t have a ton of time, so anything I do has to be accomplished on the weekends… but I want to play! Anyway, this is what I’ve done so far.All of the furniture + delivery cost me 450 at a local flea market, and the bed + frame + box spring + delivery was 230. I think I’m a pretty good bargain shopper, no? :P See the shelf that’s on top of the dresser? I’m going to coat it with a waterproof clear paint, set it on the fire escape, and start a garden.. that’s my future project.

Randomness: wearing sandals in the city all day makes your feet disgusting…. so I got new shoes.

I can’t wait till I have internet again in my apt. It will make things so much easier!! I’m taking Intro to Philosophy and General Psychology right now online… it’s pretty cool, but I don’t like having to go to a cafe every time I need to do work. I’d like the option to stay at home, if I want, even though the cafe is better. Oh well!

beeee the change

19 Aug

Quitting Blockheads was the best decision ever! Have you guys heard of Greenpeace? That’s who I’m working for now. Frontlining. It’s going to be hard… I mean, most people on the streets blow these guys off right and left. I’m pretty nervous about it, but hopefully my people skills are good enough and I can do some persuading, for our environments sake. I definitely want to do some civil rights work too… I’ll just do that on the side, though. So, orientation is on Monday at 11:30.. nervous and excited at the same time!

Also, I found a roommate today. John Chandler. MAC Makeup Artist and former boy band member. Super cute, plays the piano, really nice, gay. I think Tyler is going to be pleased with my choice. I bet they’ll be good friends! Our apartment is, without doubt, going to be verrrrry interesting, haha. Moving in tomorrow!!!

I’m watching True Life on MTV right now about these kids who are searching for/trying to connect with their fathers. It’s so sweet!!!! <3

As Promised…

13 Aug

The picture post!

But, before the fun begins, I need to tell you something. This blog is for you… not for me. I want to share my experience of moving here with you for your benefit, in case you ever want to do something like this, or just want to be entertained. Tell me what you like about what I’m posting, as well as what you would rather see less of. Feedback will help me make this blog more focused on your needs, instead of mine :)


First mission of the day – meet new potential roommate and show her the apartment! She was super cool and I hope she decides to move in!

Ginger Tonic at Whole Foods before turning in employment papers at Blockheads and picking up my sweet shirt :P


Lost my 30 day MetroCard… shucks. Still need to take care of that..

HIGHLIGHT of my day. It totally fits me, huh?!

Grocery shopping with Leon – ONLY the coolest guy ever… when he’s not tipping the cart and toppling over it onto the ground! :P

I should mention here that this grocery store is amazing. Fairway. Biggest cheese selection I’ve ever seen. I even took pictures of it just for you.

And there was more… but I got reprimanded for taking pictures in the store… crazy New Yorkers. They have that rule in almost EVERY STORE. So weird.

I ate a whole bag of marshmallows on the way home….
Then made some delicious vegan pizza with soy mozzarella cheese and paired it with a shiraz. Yummyyyyy :)

Haircut tomorrow!

Like a record, baby.

12 Aug


Now, New Yorkness – Today was so crazy, everything was pretty much a blur.. Got up around 8 to go for a run with Karin, but, alas, she did not move from her bed. So, I threw on my new vibrams and took off. They ANNIHILATED my calf muscles. Seriously. I could only run for about 20 minutes because it hurt SO bad. If you are a serious runner, I would highly recommend these shoes. Thanks to my Anna and Esther Orndorff, Cody Justus, Cody Weber, Melisa Vannachaivong, and Charles Pearman for getting them for me! Best present ever, hands down :D

Salad and fruit for lunch and then I headed off to the interview.. you know, the SPECIAL interview at Blockheads that I REALLY wanted to do well in. I met with two of the managers, the GM and his assistant. Right away, the assistant and I hit it off. She was so sweet and didn’t make me nervous at all! Then he came to the table and they started drilling me with the usual stuff – How was being in the Navy? What was the most exciting thing about working at Chili’s? What is your favorite part about serving? Least favorite? What are your strengths? I felt really confident about my answers… I was just honest. Figured there should be nothing to be afraid of as long as I’m just myself. There’s no sense in trying to fool them, they’d figure out what kind of a person I am eventually, regardless of how impressive I was at first. So, I was completely natural and real. Annnnnnd it worked! I totally got the job and was sent to headquarters to get some paperwork! Unfortunately, I did not have my social security card OR birth certificate. All I had was a lousy DD-214 (the document proving I served in the Navy and was discharged honorably), and that just wasn’t at the same level as a SS card or BC… but, a school ID would have been, or even just a report card… SERIOUSLY? I was kind of put off but, yeah, that’s how it goes sometimes haha. He gave me the paperwork, anyway, and I’m bringing a copy of my BC tomorrow morning. I start training on Monday! STOKED!

You probably think I’m done writing about my day, right? Wrong. There’s a lot more! In short, Tyler doesn’t have credit, mine isn’t established enough (I have a good score, but i’ve only had my own “credit” for like a year now), so we need a cosigner for the lease on the apt. Screwed. My parents said no and so did Tyler’s. Basically, I was freaking out and trying to think of every possible alternative… came up with nothing. The manager at the leasing office, Nevo, who is a fantastic person, called my dad and explained how it worked to him… and… success! My dad is a really responsible person and he likes to have his finances solid, he felt like cosigning would basically have been the end of the world if I’d have died or something. He even mentioned that “What if you die, Sarah?!” I was like, “Ummm, if I die, I hope this lease is the least of your worries!” Lol. Anyway, he rocks for cosigning for me and I appreciate it a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to get an apartment with Tyler without my dad’s help. Thanks, Dad!

What else… Oh yes, the 3 Express train got stuck at 86th street for about 45 minutes on my way home, that was fun lol. I bought some vegetables and whole wheat pita bread to treat myself to a calzone when I got home. It was delish, in case you were wondering. Mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomato sauce, avacado, soy mozzarella cheese, spinich = mouth-gasm. Ah, I’m tired.

Sorry for the length of writing and lack of picture documentation. I’ll make a super short entry tomorrow full of pictures to make up for it :) In the meantime, enjoy this cool image I found online by David Shrigley.


10 Aug

I got a job, I got a job, I got a job, hey hey hey heyyyy :D

Hired on the spot at this pretty cool vegetarian take-out place. Kind of similar to Chipotle, just no meat!! Anyway, it’s kind of a back up plan cause there are a couple other restaurants that need servers that I’m interested in…

To celebrate my success – I treated myself to Frogurt! Even if I hadn’t gotten a job, though, I still would have made an excuse to get some… like, cheer up frogurt or something :P
I start Monday at this place, but hopefully I’ll have another place call me before then. I can work two jobs! Mo’ money!!