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Alright, snow and coldness..

11 Jan

I now have protection against you! HAH!

BDG Trapper Hat & Urban Renewal Army Surplus Jacket

I wanna go sledding again, now that I have this kickass hat.


Tegan Quin rocks my world!

30 Dec

How is she so sexy?

I’m moving to Lawrence, KS on Sunday to start school at KU. Pretty sure I’ll be majoring in English.

Throw it in the air

18 Aug

Today was a Head Like A Kite day.

FINGERBANG - Marc Jacobs

We were so entangled..

After training was over yesterday, I was having this gut feeling that Blockheads wasn’t a good place for me to work. Not only is the commute far from my apt in Brooklyn, but the money isn’t that great, and there wasn’t a single server or host that had a good thing to say about the restaurant. I mean, everyone was alright and I made a couple friends, but they complained ALL THE TIME. It just, wasn’t a positive environment for me.. I dunno.

I decided to apply for Greenpeace and Fund for the Public Interest to do the political work I was originally interested in. Got an interview with Greenpeace set up for tomorrow and Fund for the Public Interest for Friday. Also, a restaurant called The Organic Grill in East Village called and we did a phone interview. Olga, the owner, said I can start training there Saturday if I don’t get a position tomorrow or friday. It’s much closer to home and a privately owned restaurant, which I like a lot better than a chain, know what I mean, jelly bean?

Picked up the keys and had 5 roomie interviews today ranging from a tall, brunette creative writer to a short, asian dominatrix chick… crazy shit, huh? Haha! Everyone I met today was completely different, and I especially liked 3 of them – Elyse, the sculptor/grad student, Brian, the graphic designer, and Mara, the wine & cheese guru (my favee). I’d love to live with any of them :)

More interviews for roomies and the job tomorrow! Yayy!

Cut the hairs!

14 Aug

The last two years, I did not have a single haircut that I liked. Only cut it once in Hawaii and a couple times in Cali.. Every time I felt sick after and was close to tears lol. Hair is important! It seriously either makes you or breaks you.. Jenn at Fringe Salon is the best hairstylist I’ve had since I had to leave Angelica at Toni&Guy in Texas. Sure, it was a 100 dollar haircut, including my hefty tip, but she deserved it. I’ve found my hairstylist here!!! YAY! I got lucky!

P.S. I just got Photoshop CS5 on my Mac… It’s a process to get good at it and I just started learning with these two pictures, so be patient! Greatness will come with time :P

everybody get random!

8 Aug

I was GOING to job hunt today… and I did, a little bit… but I might have gotten a little distracted. As I was taking the 1 down to 14th, I decided to take a little detour to the Staten Island Ferry station and go see the Statue of Liberty!

Then, I started the job search… which didn’t really happen quite like I expected. I didn’t bring copies of my resume with me? So.. yeah it just didn’t work out.

Ergo – iCarly with Karin, my super awesome host! :D

^^ That was SO WEIRD! It’s my new guilty pleasure, thanks to Karin and Kristin!

my best friend has flown away :(

7 Aug

Took Kristin to the airport this morning and she flew back down to Florida.. sad day! (Don’t make me be sweet :P) Then, I took the M60 to 2nd and 125th street and walked over to the bronx to get my new phone from FedEx. It’s so cool!!! Droid Incredible blowwwwws my mind.

Starting the job hunt tomorrow… wish me luck!

Shit Happens..

1 Aug

My baby has passed… any support is appreciated.. this is a very mournful time in my life.

On the other hand, there is an exquisite Belgium restaurant on the corner of 11th and Broadway called Le Pain Quotidien. Most of their ingredients are organic and everything is absolutely delicious! The vegan Six Vegetable Quiche is to die for… we didn’t even get to take a picture of it cause we ate it so fast! GAH. They have the caloric value of each dish printed right next to the name on the menu and a little carrot next to all the vegan friendly foods. It is a wonderful restaurant and not even that expensive! We ordered the vegan quiche, spinach soup, hummus and two desserts and only spent 45 dollars! Amazing..

Don’t worry, we burned everything off by walking from 11th up to 60th and took a stroll in Central Park. Love that place :) The weather is improving! It’s already getting cool!! Fall is approaching… <33