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Knitting Project – Complete!

10 Jan

This is my first knitting project.. it’s my stepsister, Danielle’s, christmas present, and I’m just now finishing it! Only 6 rows to go! It WILL be done before I leave the house today. An awesome scarf with two cable knits going down the center. I can’t wait to give it to her! She better get her butt back to Lawrence, soon!

Oh, and I covered a song the other day.. I forgot to link it here. Bon Iver’s Re: Stacks. Amazing song. Listen to the original, too, it’s way better.

It’s snowing today! I haven’t seen/played in snow in… FOREVERRRR. Can’t wait!


Lawrence, thus far

6 Jan

I can not accurately portray in words how much I have fallen in love with the atmosphere that surrounds this town! Maybe it’s just that I’m a newbie, but this is by far the most awesome place I have ever lived.. granted, I am landlocked… (no ocean :/). Regardless, I have had a blast in these first 4 days. Rachel, my amazing little sister, just left yesterday. She’s on class break from U of A and took time out of her vacation to help me move in.. isn’t that nice?! We got so much accomplished. My room is (almost) completely organized, with the exception of a much needed bookshelf for my library, and the kitchen is completely stocked with everything from an espresso machine to a KitchenAid mixer! It’s red, and I love it :) I couldn’t have done all of it without her.

On Tuesday, I made my first new friend! Rachel, her and I all made tuna-avacado sushi and drank sake.. it was SO good! Merisa is her name and she is an amazing photographer. She’s also a student at KU, but, alas, she is graduating this May and plans to move far far away to LA or something. Anyways! For now, I get to enjoy her company!

Back to Rachel – I dropped her off at the airport yesterday SO SAD! Before her departure, we strolled around the Plaza in Kansas City, which I came to find (silly me!) is actually in Missouri?! WHAT?! Who did that?! Hahahah. I felt so dumb, my geography is terrible :P They have great shopping there and Gap was having a killer of a sale. I got 2 very warm coats, 2 cardigans and 2 long sleeved shirts for … guess…. $115!!!! Seriously! It was awesome! Then, Rachel left :( But it’s okay! Because not only does she live a short 4 hours away, but my step-sister arrives sometime this weekend! She’s a TA at KU and is working on her graduate degree. It’d be funny if I got in her class lol. I won’t, Danielle, don’t worry! That’d be weird..

So, last night was officially my first night on the town. I met up with Merisa and a couple of her friends to do $1 bowling, which I haven’t done in about 6 years. I’ve always been terrible at it, but I WON one game! Crazyyyy! It was really fun.. I like her friends. After bowling, we went to pride night at some club/bar place and danced the night away!

This morning, though, I woke up feeling quite lonely. I don’t wanna keep bugging my only friend to hang out with me, so I’m determined to make at least 2 new friends tonight. I wish I knew more people before I got here! Anyway, I spent the day playing guitar, strolling around the campus (1 block from my house), setting up my financial aid and GI Bill stuff, and knitting. Oh, and I started a batch of Kombucha tea!!! I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.. this will save me SO much money. GT’s Kombucha is about $3.50 a pop! I drink one every day, so that’s.. what.. $24.50 a week? I did that math really fast, don’t judge, but correct me if I’m wrong. I hope it works! It has to grow a bacteria culture, which should happen over the next week or two. I also cooked butternut squash and brussels sprouts for dinner tonight for the first time ever. I’d say it was a success!

Well, I’m off to fulfill my goal of the day. 2 new friends tonight. The Bottleneck is having live music tonight, so I’m going and.. I dunno haha. I suppose I’ll just approach people and say hi? Does anyone know how to make friends?! Sheesh! Wish me luck!!

There’s No Place Like Home!

5 Nov

First day home – finally made a new video… even if it was a song I’ve previously covered :P

I got to see my Nana and Grandpa annnd neither of them were too pleased with my lip ring… it was pretty funny lol. My dad had my back though :) Hung out with my little sister, Anna. She’s 13 years old… Sometimes I forget how dramatic middle school is! All it took to remind me was listening to her rant for a while about her friends and boys.. SO CUTE! <3 that kid!

I'm gonna go get a job today. Even though I'm only planning on staying for 2 months, I should be employed. I mean, who knows what I'm going to decide come the end of December?! I already have a job waiting for me at Chili's and Pei Wei, but I thiiink I'd rather work at the only indie coffee shop in the city, which happens to be only a mile and a half from my house. Wish me luck!

Gorgeous never goes out of style..

5 Aug

I love that NY has free concerts! Celebrate Brooklyn had Metric perform last night and it was AMAZING!! Ahh she is so freaking cute and her energy onstage is perfect. If you’ve never seen them live, you definitely need to. AND if you’ve never heard their music, look ’em up!

“This is not stadium love, nay, … I’ve always wanted to say that… NAY! NAY, IT IS NOT STADIUM LOVE! Nay, this is not a stadium, it is a park. This is park love!”

So cuute, right?!

Oh, and tonight is the Tegan and Sara and Paramore concert in Wantagh, NY and sadly, I can’t make it. I have 2 tickets that I’m trying to sell so if anyone here wants them, let me know! 80 bucks is what I paid but I’ll negotiate with you if you don’t wanna pay that much! FB me! :D

Musical Experiment

21 Jul

Every day, walking around the city, you’re surrounded by people trying to use their talent, or lack thereof, to make money. Whether it be art, music, dancing, or public speaking – you’re bound to see someone on just about every block or in every train station doing it! So, today, I’m going to park my little self in Union Square with my guitar, and hopefully my Kristin will join me for a little bit too, and see how much money I can make! The goal is set at 30 dollars in 3 hours. We’ll see what happens! I’ll update later tonight or tomorrow morning!

Alright. Life on the streets is fucking hot and hard in NYC. I don’t know HOW people make a living off of performing. Kristin and I spent an hour and a half on the steps of Union Square sweating our asses off and playing guitar till my fingers were numb and only made 25 cents. DO YOU HEAR ME?! 25 CENTS!!!! And the guy who dropped it in smiled and said “Here, you can make a phone call…” WTF! Kristin and I just busted out laughing. It seriously was so pathetic that it made it hilarious :P We still had a blast though. Here’s a vid and some pics to give you an idea of what this experience was like..

Afterwards, we chilled at The Bean (our favorite coffee shop) and drank an iced soy latte (yummm). We even made a new friend named Joe, who invited us to a huge tea party that will take place on Aug 1st! It’s not just an ordinary tea party either… it’ll be like 100 people in a park and we all get to wear cool hats and paint on tables and dance! I’m really excited about that. Joe rocks my face off. Time for bed! Maybe I can finally get to the yoga studio tomorrow haha!

p.s. I was looking at the Dallas Vintage Shop’s website to see if they still have my ’60s costume picture posted and sure enough…there I am! Such a natural hippie… I should have been born in the late ’60s! Brings back memories from the Phoenix Simulation :D