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Lawrence, thus far

6 Jan

I can not accurately portray in words how much I have fallen in love with the atmosphere that surrounds this town! Maybe it’s just that I’m a newbie, but this is by far the most awesome place I have ever lived.. granted, I am landlocked… (no ocean :/). Regardless, I have had a blast in these first 4 days. Rachel, my amazing little sister, just left yesterday. She’s on class break from U of A and took time out of her vacation to help me move in.. isn’t that nice?! We got so much accomplished. My room is (almost) completely organized, with the exception of a much needed bookshelf for my library, and the kitchen is completely stocked with everything from an espresso machine to a KitchenAid mixer! It’s red, and I love it :) I couldn’t have done all of it without her.

On Tuesday, I made my first new friend! Rachel, her and I all made tuna-avacado sushi and drank sake.. it was SO good! Merisa is her name and she is an amazing photographer. She’s also a student at KU, but, alas, she is graduating this May and plans to move far far away to LA or something. Anyways! For now, I get to enjoy her company!

Back to Rachel – I dropped her off at the airport yesterday SO SAD! Before her departure, we strolled around the Plaza in Kansas City, which I came to find (silly me!) is actually in Missouri?! WHAT?! Who did that?! Hahahah. I felt so dumb, my geography is terrible :P They have great shopping there and Gap was having a killer of a sale. I got 2 very warm coats, 2 cardigans and 2 long sleeved shirts for … guess…. $115!!!! Seriously! It was awesome! Then, Rachel left :( But it’s okay! Because not only does she live a short 4 hours away, but my step-sister arrives sometime this weekend! She’s a TA at KU and is working on her graduate degree. It’d be funny if I got in her class lol. I won’t, Danielle, don’t worry! That’d be weird..

So, last night was officially my first night on the town. I met up with Merisa and a couple of her friends to do $1 bowling, which I haven’t done in about 6 years. I’ve always been terrible at it, but I WON one game! Crazyyyy! It was really fun.. I like her friends. After bowling, we went to pride night at some club/bar place and danced the night away!

This morning, though, I woke up feeling quite lonely. I don’t wanna keep bugging my only friend to hang out with me, so I’m determined to make at least 2 new friends tonight. I wish I knew more people before I got here! Anyway, I spent the day playing guitar, strolling around the campus (1 block from my house), setting up my financial aid and GI Bill stuff, and knitting. Oh, and I started a batch of Kombucha tea!!! I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.. this will save me SO much money. GT’s Kombucha is about $3.50 a pop! I drink one every day, so that’s.. what.. $24.50 a week? I did that math really fast, don’t judge, but correct me if I’m wrong. I hope it works! It has to grow a bacteria culture, which should happen over the next week or two. I also cooked butternut squash and brussels sprouts for dinner tonight for the first time ever. I’d say it was a success!

Well, I’m off to fulfill my goal of the day. 2 new friends tonight. The Bottleneck is having live music tonight, so I’m going and.. I dunno haha. I suppose I’ll just approach people and say hi? Does anyone know how to make friends?! Sheesh! Wish me luck!!


Dancing Along To Songs From The Past

15 Nov

IT’S SO HARD TO BE A VEGAN IN ALLEN, TEXAS!!!!! OMG no one understands and everyone tries to make you cheat all the time, which makes it easy.. I have to admit something… right now… I feel terrible. I… (ughhhhh) I ate… 2 PIECES OF SALMON SUSHI AND DIDN’T EVEN CARE!!!!!! Oh, AND they had cream cheese in them. Just an itsy bitsy bit. OMG I suck. I cheated. I suck.

Anyways, on a lighter note, today was awesome. First, I got a vehicle!!! Well, I put the deposit down :) It’s awesome. I’ll tell what kind it is when I get to take pics of it. Second, I got accepted to University of Arkansas!!!!!!! I know, it’s not the college I really want. Colorado would be … so… cool….. hmm…… But, it IS the first place I applied to, so, naturally, it’s the first place I get accepted. It is now officially the back-up plan to the other schools! Regardless, I’m definitely out of Texas this spring… both a good and not so good thing, which brings me to my next topic.

It is so much easier than I thought it’d be to fall back into my old rhythm here. I honestly didn’t expect to feel comfortable here, didn’t expect to feel tied to anything here again.. but I do. I forgot how much I really love my friends, and how much I missed them, and WHY I missed them so much! I love being with my family, too. I missed my dad. I missed my stepmom. I feel at home in the place that I least want to be my home! WHHHHAT THE HECK. Not only that… sigh. I really like this girl I used to have a thaaaang with.. NOW, the problem is that I know I’m leaving soon. It’s not a problem.. it’s just a bummer. I do love living in the moment, so that’s how I’m approaching the situation. She’s wonderful and beautiful. I’m lucky I get a couple of months to be with her, again :)

Is it too early to set up the Christmas tree?? Cause, we definitely did it lol.

Fun in the Sun!

9 Nov

Meet one of the only liberals in Texas – my private voice coach from high school, Melissa Baland Lee! We had lunch at Whole Foods yesterday and it reminded me of how important her presence was in my life. This woman taught me SO MUCH during the 4 years we worked together. She had about … hm, maybe 60 students in our entire choir (maybe more, I’m honestly not sure) and knew each and every one of us inside and out. Every student talked to her about all of our drama, and she was basically known for giving the best advice, as well as for being the best listener. When I came out, had my first love/heartbreak, parents divorce, literally ANYTHING, she gave me support and insight. Her lessons were not just for learning how to sing, but learning about who I was. Looking back, I realize how much of my confidence is due to her influence. Ultimately, she made me realize that I was beautiful, strong, and no matter what happened, I could get through it. That, and she also let me cry on her shoulder on multiple occasions lol. I love this woman. And her cute, little daughter, Bailey, too :D

I applied to several other schools – University of Colorado at Denver, CSUMB (California), Kansas University, and University of New Mexico. Honestly, though, I think I might be pushing it on deadlines. I won’t be surprised if I don’t get in anywhere for the Spring :/ Buuuummer! On the other hand, I’m having a blast being back in Texas! It’s really not such a bad place, after all :P It’s warm, sunny, and…. look at all this open land! I went from being in NY to THIS! Awesome! People here don’t wear rompers, though… especially not with tights and heels, so I got a few awkward looks hahah. Oh well. I like it and that’s what matters :P
PS – I’ve lost my voice :( Sad day. AND I’m sick. Do you think it’s possible to get sick from moving from all that pollution to this clean air? Maybe my body is cleansing? Thoughts? SOMEONE BRING ME SOME DAMN SOUP. Hmph.

New York, I love you, but you’re bringing me down

26 Oct

I feel like I’ve explored so much of myself just by living here. There are so many different people who have found their way into my life, so many good friends I’ve made here, and experiences I will always remember. Particularly, having the pleasure of meeting mine and Tyler’s roommate, John. He’s absolutely amazing. SOOOO funny. He literally has me laughing ALL the time! I loveee him.

There’s not another city in the world where you will find a completely different environment from block to block, or so many different backgrounds and cultures having an equal representation. People from different, more remote areas of the country depict NYC to be filled with cold, unfriendly people, too much crime, dirt and grime. Of course, these things are often seen in the city, but its overwhelmed by an underlying unity of it’s citizens. Differences really ARE celebrated here, instead of discriminated against, for the most part. Of course, there’s the occasional discrepancy, but really, I think this is the most friendly city I’ve ever lived in. You’re allowed to be comfortable with who you are, and people love you for it. Even your weirdest, most ridiculous traits are just laughed at and accepted – making you even more loved by whoever you’re meeting. It’s AWESOME :)
Working with Green Peace, though it was for a short while, provided me not only with the opportunity to tell people about things I cared about and inspire them, but I enabled them to ACT. Definitely the most amazing job I’ve ever had. I left to get a better paying job, though. It’s an expensive city, ya know? :P I’ve been doing real estate. I got the job through the guy who sold me my apartment. We had become friends and, it just sort of worked out that way.

Then it hit me. Inspired by my best friend and roommate, Tyler and a weekend getaway to Florida to see Kristin and Josh. Why am I here?Although all the things I’ve mentioned about New York are true and I love it for that, most of the time I’m working or stressing out about money, with the occasional fun time every now and then. Any area I can afford to live in is dirty, littered, and lacking nature. I’m not pursuing a dream here, and I’m actually trying to get into an overpriced school, only so expensive because its in Manhattan. Why?

I’m pretty good about admitting I when I’m wrong. It happens more often than not, and that, I’ll acknowledge, is because I make really rash, spontaneous decisions. I’ve always been like that, and I love that part about myself, even though it means I make silly choices sometimes. I’m going to go back to Texas with Tyler for a couple months, and then starting college this spring at University of Arkansas. I miss trees, camping, having fun and not stressing about rent money every month. Nonetheless, I do not regret coming here. I LOVE THIS CITY. And I will be back, one day. I won’t rush it next time, though. :)

Follow your heart, be spontaneous, be happy in the moment. You’re allowed to make mistakes. You have fun and learn from them. Explore and don’t always take the safe way. Life is about balance. Socialize, meditate, go out and party, stay in and read a book, cook more, eat out less, exercise, relax, treat your body well, indulge every now and then for your soul, love, forgive, don’t hold on to the past, anticipate the future and be excited about your present.

I guess I’ll keep blogging… maybe. I’ll just have to change the theme haha.


2 Oct

So sorry it’s been forever since I’ve last blogged… we just got internet in our apartment!!! Yayyy!!! It was an exciting day, when that man walked in with a modem… made my heart smile :P No, seriously it took way too long, don’t blame me, blame Verizon. POO on you Verizon!

Tyler has moved in, since my last post. Having him here has made everything so much more enjoyable! Even though it’d been years since we’d last spent over a day together, it was like we hadn’t missed any time at all. What a relief! Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of job hunting and meeting new people. For exxxxxxample…. I met Mikey from The REAL L Word!!!!! BEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! Also, that was our first time to go to a gay club together and we had a blast. Our other friends, Troy, Jenn, Liana, Ashlee and a couple other people whose names I have forgotten came too. It was the best night out since I’ve been here!

Oh… I got a kitten :) Her name is Kanoa and she is just adorableeeee


We made brunch and went to the beach today with Ashlee and two of her friends. Brooklyn is starting to feel much more like home, now that a group of friends is coming together and I have a friend who, really, is more like family living with me.

Lovin’ life :D Buuut…. well, can someone find me a girl? Thaaaaanks lol

Back for a visit..

29 Aug

Hey guys! Long time, no see, huh?! This week has been utter chaos. With moving in, starting the new job, and trying to apply to colleges/starting online classes, I actually got sick for the first time in YEARS and had to miss a day of work. Bleh, I hate being sick. My poor tonsils haha. Anyways, so, working for greenpeace is really fun, but super difficult. Every day, I’m out on the street trying to get people to stop and talk to me – an impossible task, in itself. After I FINALLY get someone to stop, I move on to basically telling them what’s going on in the environment and convincing them that it’s important. It takes a lot to inspire someone who seriously is not passionate about the environment, nor are they even aware about the urgency of solving the issues that are tied to it. So, after I get that in their head, I then must convince them to give me their credit card and sign them up to donate monthly to Greenpeace so that we can continue to do awesome things and save the world. OMG. People are so mean. Luckily, I’m pretty good at talking to people, so the job has been a success so far. It just gets discouraging sometimes when people are rude or don’t give a shit about the environment. Whateve. I got flowers yesterday from a new friend, that made me smile :D I went to the farmers market in Union Square after dropping 200 bucks at Bed, Bath and Beyond and made a great salad for dinner and created the best desert ever. Whole grain flax sourdough toasted and topped with goat cheese, apple butter, and a drizzle of honey. Yum?! Yeah!!!

Moving in has progressed very slowly. I don’t have a ton of time, so anything I do has to be accomplished on the weekends… but I want to play! Anyway, this is what I’ve done so far.All of the furniture + delivery cost me 450 at a local flea market, and the bed + frame + box spring + delivery was 230. I think I’m a pretty good bargain shopper, no? :P See the shelf that’s on top of the dresser? I’m going to coat it with a waterproof clear paint, set it on the fire escape, and start a garden.. that’s my future project.

Randomness: wearing sandals in the city all day makes your feet disgusting…. so I got new shoes.

I can’t wait till I have internet again in my apt. It will make things so much easier!! I’m taking Intro to Philosophy and General Psychology right now online… it’s pretty cool, but I don’t like having to go to a cafe every time I need to do work. I’d like the option to stay at home, if I want, even though the cafe is better. Oh well!

officially moving out today!

20 Aug <— Dude… I could NOT stop smiling. Soooo funny! Thanks, Joshua Gess, for showing me!! Meet my BFF, Ariana Kaplan, my submission to the lez look-alikes :P

What a good day! Started off the morning by going to the store for blueberries, bananas, oatmeal and coffee to make breakfast for Karin and me. Soooo good, btw.
Caught up on some news, then embarked on the packing and moving out mission. The air mattress was, by far, the most difficult part. I swear, I broke a sweat trying to deflate that thing!!! Not only was my suitcase piled on there, but I was sitting on it too. Eventually, I got so annoyed that I ended up being on all fours on top of that thing bouncing up and down, trying to get the air out hahahah. That is, till I heard Karin coming and stopped for fear of embarrassment… but whatever, I’m talking about it anyway, so I should have kept it up :P

I won’t have internet in the new apartment until Aug 30…. so, unfortunately, my posts will be somewhat sporadic – basically, whenever I can find an internet cafe.

John is on his way to pick me up, headed to Target to get us air mattresses and cleaning supplies, then over to the apt. Woo! I wish Tyler was hereeeee :/